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AMBERPHARM "SALT Body and Hair Shampoo"


Commercially available shampoos for the body and hair usually contain chemical substances such as preservatives, fragrances, dyes, fillers, active substances and their chemical reaction substances resulting in the combination, which penetrate deep into the can penetrate the skin barrier. Substances that the body recognizes as intruders, but has not developed any evolutionary natural defense mechanisms such as against viruses, bacteria and fungi.

How skin cells and the entire human organism react to this bombardment of chemical substances in the molecular range has, in our opinion, been researched far too insufficiently. One thing, however, is undisputed, skin diseases are considered to be so-called diseases of civilization that occur more and more in regions whose cultures use such products. We believe that the trigger for these autoimmune diseases, some of which are chronic, is a reaction to the constant exposure of chemical substances to the body.


Worldwide not a single shower gel has been developed for the scalp and body in which the composition of a recipe strictly adhered to a molecule size of up to 500µ. While it was taught at universities in 2009 that molecules with a size of 25,000µ cannot penetrate the skin, today we only assume a little over 500µ.

AMBERPHARM is currently researching and therefore looking for natural washing-active substances that, due to their molecular size, formally exclude penetration into the skin so as not to burden the body. We also exclude the above-mentioned other chemical substances in our new development and strictly follow our philosophy of natural products.

PHASE I Start of development August 2020

TESTING natural detergent substances


From October 2021, we will analyze the naturally determined detergent substances for their depth of penetration in the skin.


For this purpose, the natural washing-active substances are marked with the help of a bio-fluorescent blue color and then the depth of penetration into the human skin is determined under the electron microscope over an appropriate period of time.

PHASE II Examination October 2021

Creation of a theoretical recipe


After we have crystallized out the most suitable and natural washing-active substances that do not penetrate the skin at all or only slightly in the upper area of the horny layer, we begin with the combination of further ingredients until they are complete recipe.


We pay particular attention to the compatibility and benefits, as well as the cleaning power of other herbal ingredients for the skin.

The product is preserved with the most natural preservative we know, our salt.

In the end, the globally unique product will not only be good for people, but also for the environment.

PHASE III - Creation of the recipe December 2021

Practical application & skin tolerance


The finished formulation now goes through various tests with use in daily use, up to a study with 20 test persons who try this product as part of the dermatest and whose skin is clinically under constant The supervision of doctors for any changes is examined and assessed.


We hope this Dermatest with "very good" as before with the AMBERPHARM Original Salt Cream. That is our goal.

PHASE IV Application & Tests January 2022

Choice of dosage form / packaging


The packaging of cosmetic products is also a particular challenge, especially since our products, as a high-end manufacturer, are not off the shelf. Our products are self-preserving due to their high salt content. But this also means that we have to rule out that mechanical components made of metal, such as spring mechanisms, come into contact with the product, because salt reacts very aggressively to metals.


At the same time, the packaging must be recyclable or easily biodegradable (BIO-PE) without losing its properties of a good dosage form.

We do not use any conspicuous packaging for our products; in the end, only the product counts for us. Therefore you will always find products from AMBERPHARM in a minimalistic style.

PHASE V Packaging & Design February 2022
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